KAHN, unconventional shape with an architectural flair. Each frame in the Blake Kuwahara Eyewear Collection has a unique inner silhouette encased in an unexpectedly fresh outer shape. Through a laborious, handmade process, the seamless fusion of two separate frames and the juxtaposition of contrasting form and color create a design tension that is thoroughly modern yet comfortably familiar.

Blake Kuwahara | KAHN

Color: Black
  • Kuwahara has incorporated proprietary technology in his namesake collection by seamlessly laminating two separate frames into one creating design tension through the integration of two silhouettes; a frame within a frame. A student of architecture and furniture design, Kuwahara uses construction techniques not normally used in eyewear. As such, the frames in his collection are named in homage to architects he admires. He was since won many design awards, best in: Fashion Frame, and Fashion Sunglass!

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