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The Cedar is part of LASH's ReFined collection. LASH's ReFined edition is of excellent quality and has a high degree of wearing comfort. Instead of visually overloading the face, the frames underline the lineaments through their delicate lines. This collection is made with the minimum thickness of acetate (4mm), which gives a light and comfortable fit. It shows a natural silhouette with ReFined Edition's unique endpiece design that falls softly and flexibly from the end of the frame.



LASH | FIR #C4 gray

Color: Clear Gray
  • Generally, people display their characters through their emotions. However, people lose their true color by living daily routine meaninglessly. We, LASH, would like to inspire individuals by touching four emotions: Love, Anger, Sadness, and Happiness. LASH designs are inspired by the latest trends. You can truly express freedom and emotions which are suppressed and forgotten through wearing LASH eyewear.

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