The Matheson by Native Sons is a square shape unisex frame, raised in the brow area and dipped in the nose bridge down to the connection wing. There is a dynamic angle on the top inside of the eyeshape, the frame is accentuated by a 1.25mm TV cut. Nosepads are constructed of the same material as the front, creating a seamless look. A grooved "Motor-Head" fixture on the side temples is fixed through the corewire with a screw configuration for easy removal.

NATIVE SONS | Matheson

Color: Indigo
  • Created with simple hand-crafted details, using only the best materials available, their products are made to last a lifetime. All acetates are plant-based with original long-diamond-tooled core wires and unique arrow-shaped hinge design and constructed using an old school star-nut configuration to adjust and hold hinge tension, making it harder to loosen.