Introducing: Kawasaki eyewear

April 10, 2017

If you've grown tired of heavy frames weighing on your face and leaving marks on your nose, believe us, we've been there. For something fresh and light for spring, check out our newest arrival: Kawasaki eyewear. With frames featuring a wide variety of styles and colors set in lightweight yet durable beta titanium, they're the perfect accessory for the upcoming warmer months.

 Known for his award winning industrial design, Kawasaki has approached his signature collection of eyewear with an artist's mind for creative design as well as a mathematician's mind for precision. What really sets his designs apart is their distinctive three-point tension mounted frames, which eliminate the need for screws and create a seamless and self-supporting piece. 


 Kawasaki's unique three-point tension mounted frame design



The frame styles are organized neatly into 3 categories:


1. Rim




2. Rimless




3. Sun