Here at Luxeye, we pride ourselves in our carefully curated collection of Japanese eyewear. We find that these niche brands are often the perfect fit for our New York clientele, always looking to stand out in the right way. A pair of these hand-crafted frames are accessibly stylish to the casual wearer, and at the same time a hard-to-find gem to the passionate collector.

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Like master watchmakers practicing their timeless craft, DITA provides a reprieve from a mechanized world where grace, beauty and craftsmanship are increasingly considered antiquated concepts. Inspired by generations of artisans and craftsmen who came before them, Dita strives the provide the most beautiful and timeless eyewear on the market. Their bold and eye-catching designs invoke a sense of timeless glamour, but with the perfect edge.

DITA Picks

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Toshiyuki Kone was raised in his family's eyewear shop, but it wasn't until his teens that he began to discover his own passion for optical design. Inspired by the glamourous effects of eyewear on his favorite musicians and celebrities, Kone went on to launch Mr. Gentleman in 2012. His designs are hand-crafted of the highest quality acetate in Sabae, Japan.


At Yellows Plus, it's all about comfort and  

functionality meets classic design. Their frames have been tweaked and refined over the years, making subtle innovations along the way to reflect the times,

while staying true to original designer Toshiaki Yagagishi's vision. Yellows Plus is committed to producing their products exclusively in Japan. They strive to constantly perfect, down to the last millimeter. 


EYEVAN made their start in 1972, under the idea that eyewear is the ultimate fashion accessory. The original design archives are filled with images of vintage eyewear, telescopes, hand-mirrors, and old tools collected as inspiration for their designs. The brand has since been relaunched in 2013, entirely inspired by the old archives to create a truly beautiful collection of eyewear pieces. 

EYEVAN 7285 Picks

Boston Club CO LTD established their eyewear company of the same name in 1984 in Sabae, Japan, and have since gained quite a bit of popularity in their home country. Since the brand's inception, they have maintained their core style, while constantly redesigning to maintain a contemporary edge.


Masunaga Optical premiered the production of eyeglasses in Fukui, Japan in 1905. The company founder, Gozaemon Masunaga brought in skilled craftmen from Osaka and Tokyo with the ambition of setting the optical industry solidly in place in Fukui. The company’s mission statement since the establishment is “We manufacturer excellent eyeglasses. We want to make a profit if we can, but we don’t hesitate to take a loss. It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses.”


Kaneko Optical is a Japanese eyewear brand that has offered a new perspective on design and lifestyle through gorgeous frames since establishing their business in 1958. Through collaborations with the latest major apparel manufacturers in Japan, Kaneko aims to make their mark in the world of fashion. They continue to expand their empire and have since become a globally recognized brand with stores across Europe and in New York.


H-Fusion is a Japanese eyewear brand that draws their inspiration from the styles of the 1930s-80s, blending classic styles and integrating them into the modern fashions of today. H-Fusion understands that the same jacket or dress or watch, when integrated into the style of an individual, can come together to create a look entirely unique to that wearer. It is with this knowledge that they set out to create styles that are versatile and can take on many different looks. Their frames are handcrafted in the eyewear capital of Sabae, Japan with the utmost precision.