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with the appreciation of works gone by, Native Sons founders Tommy O and Shinsuke Takizawa sat down to create original well-balanced eyewear designs of the highest quality. Created with simple hand-crafted details, using only the best materials available, their products are made to last a lifetime. All acetates are original cellulose (plant) based with original long-diamond-tooled core wires and original arrow-shaped hinge design and constructed using an old school star-nut configuration to adjust and hold hinge tension, making it harder to loosen. What was once considered a utilitarian detail is now once again “GOOD DESIGN”. The beauty marks accenting the front connections and side temples appear striated and are finished in antique plating then hand-polished to leave a hairline finish. Metal frames are constructed in weld-lug style, with high-grade titanium and antique plated and hand finished with hairline damage. The temples are an interesting paddle configuration set to a length that will maintain tension on the temporal protrusion just behind the ear.

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