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H-Fusion is a Japanese brand dedicated to homage, high fashion, high sense, high quality, and handy work (hence the name H-fusion). Their inspiration comes from the styles of the 1930s-80s, blending classic styles and integrating them into the modern fashions of today. All metal involved in their frames is Japanese titanium or platinum, handcrafted in the eyewear capital of Sabae, Japan with the utmost precision.

H.Fusion | HF-133

$435.00 Regular Price
$348.00Sale Price
  • Sun Platinum is an unique metal alloy, invented in the early 1930s in Japan. This platinum colored alloy consists of 85% nickel, 11% chrome, 3%iron, 1% other materials. It has many uses, as it is extremely resistant to corrosion. It has found its way into skin products and dental materials, to name a few applications. Its steadfast color remains brilliant even without intense polishing or maintenance. When given a gentle polish, it will shine a brilliant platinum color. Due to increased commercial use of titanium, this product is harder and harder to come by.The [SPM] mark on the H-fusion frame shows that only top quality sun platinum is used in our products.

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