HFL-618 by H-fusion is a reinvention of one of the most iconic original styles from the past. Perfectly round shape without nosepads for the most comfortable fit. Using Sun Platinum material makes the frame strong, yet light. H-Fusion is a Japanese brand dedicated to homage, high fashion, high sense, high quality, and handy work (hence the name H-fusion). Their inspiration comes from the styles of the 1930s-80s, blending classic styles and integrating them into the modern fashions of today. 

H.Fusion | HFL-618

  • Sun Platinum is an unique metal alloy from Japan since 1930. It consist of 85% nickel, 11% chrome, 3% iron, 1% other metals. It is extremely resistant to corrosion and just as strong as Titanium. It has been useful for eyewear, jewlery, and dental products. Its steadfast color remain brilliant even without intense polishing or maintenance. Due to increased commercial use of Titanium, making it harder and harder to come by. Sun Platinum has stepped up in the eyewear industry's manufacturing technology and became a popular new material for frame production.