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Designed and Made in Japan. Yellows Plus Darcy is a new design with unique design filligre at the bridge for the most unique design. Made with the most refined pure titanium from Japan for the best comfort and durability. Frame is a luxurious soft brown w/ rose gold accent for the ultimate elegance.


Color: C7BR - Brown w/ Rose Gold
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  • YELLOWS PLUS' philosophy in designing products is to highlight the traditional form of beauty while capturing moderness. Realizing designer TOSHIAKI YAMAGISHI's subtle image as precisely as possible - since eyewear is put on the most noticeable part on faces, a 1mm of the line thickness, or a 1 degree of surface angle change makes the impression completely different. Therefore, it is essential that skillful craftsmen who have mastered the manufacturing technique in Fukui, (one of the world's major eyewear production districts of Japan), precisely adjust the detail to the image.

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