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Spotlight: Garrett Leight California Optical

Garrett Leight photographed for SPECTR magazine

What's the fastest way to take your look from 0 to 100? Well if you were to ask any member of Hollywood's elite, they'll probably tell you:

a great pair of Garrett Leight sunglasses. In fact, this cutting edge brand's fabulous frames have also graced the faces of Kendall Jenner, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and countless others, racking up quite the star-studded clientele.

Garrett Leight's brand has earned such a high rank on the eyewear scene, so much so that many don't know he is actually the son of eyewear legend Larry Leight, founder of the now classic brand Oliver Peoples. For those who don't know, Oliver Peoples made an enormous impact when they launched their brand in 1986. Their frames were all over Vogue and Vanity Fair, prompting Elton John, Christy Turlington, Spike Lee, Claudia Schiffer, and many others to start sporting their styles.

Garrett Leight and Larry Leight photographed by Cristina Dunlap

Growing up with his dad's business, Garrett Leight found a passion for the transformative effects of eyewear that would only grow stronger with time. After learning the ropes at Oliver Peoples and designing for various streetwear brands, Garrett Leight embarked on his own creative endeavor: Garrett Leight California Optical (GLCO for short) in 2010. His frames have become renowned for their sleek and airy California edge, bold colors, and our personal favorite touch, innovative folding features.

Below is a selection of GLCO suns, in some of our favorite styles.

Wilson Sun Shield Sunglasses in Matte Bourbon Tortoise with Green
Wilson Sun Shield Sunglasses in Pink Blush with Pink Halo Mirror

Pictured above are the new variation on GLCO's Wilson flat lenses, featuring thin acetate shields contoured around the outside rims for extra sun protection. These frames are bound to get quite a few double takes, while you maintain your air of mystery. Go bold with green lenses and bold tortoise shell shields, or for a softer look, try the Pink Blush with Pink Halo Mirror lenses. Any option is sure to make you feel like your coolest version.

Van Buren Suns in Bourbon Tortoise- Antique Brushed Gold with G15 Silver Mirror Lenses

These Van Buren Suns feature a unique lightweight metal frame with flat lenses that folds at the bridge and temples for a compact fit. Perfect for on the go use, you'll have everyone thinking you have magic powers when you whip out these frames and instantly become 10 times cooler. Above are the Bourbon Tortoise- Antique Brushed Gold with G15 Silver Mirror Lenses. Below are the Matte Black-Pewter with Grey CR 39 Lenses.

Van Buren suns in Matte Black-Pewter with Grey CR 39 Lenses
model in Van Buren suns in Matte Black-Pewter with Grey CR 39 Lenses

The Leight father-son duo and currently getting ready to launch a collaborative new project; a made-to-order line of frames known as Mr. Leight, that will bridge Larry's knowledge of enduring styles with Garrett's keen ability to see what's cool right now. We can't wait to see what they make next.





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