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Introducing: Native Sons - Mastercrafted Optics

We're living in a time where fast fashion has us in its grips, and we're constantly being bombarded with the newest trends required to make the right impression. But for those of us in need of new frames, who want something that's bold but won't go out of style in a month, you might want to consider checking out the truly unique and unquestionably beautiful frames of Native Sons.

Native Sons is an eyewear and accessory brand designed by Tommy O and Shinsuke Takizawa that is slowly making its way to US soil from Japan.

"Native Sons" gets its namesake and inspiration from the artists and creators harking from the time of the industrial design revolution, who returned from war and channeled their new fire for life into creation and expression. This all may sound a bit grand, but once you take a peek at these stunning frames you will see what they mean.

Luxeye Optical is proud to announce our new selection of eyewear from Native Sons, which spans a variety of sleek styles, that can be purchased in colors both demure and daring. Keep reading for some of our favorite picks!

If you're in the market for some rose colored shades, the Chino in Rose Gold with pink shades are everything you could want and more.

Harry Potter's got nothing on these Dharma frames in Clear Crystal, with gold detailing set into the acetate.

For a classic look that suits everyone, these Kent shades are perfect. We love them in the color Gasoline.

Need a pick-me-up? These Owsley shades in Coffee-Caramel will be just the thing.

Take a chill pill and see the world in shades of cool with these John Q. suns in Black & Blues.





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