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Why are Japan-made frames so nice...

Mr. Gentleman Eyewear is a new independent brand from Japan that LUXEYE have recently bought back to Williamsburg. Each frame is artfully and skillfully crafted for the optimum quality using the best quality material. Due to the extensive craftsmanship, each frames takes approximately eight months to complete manufacturing. And here is why...

All products are produced at high ranked factory in Sabae city, Fukui pref. This town has only 60,000 people but known as one of high ranked towns of producing eyewear. Since during winter people can not do agriculture, they decided to do something alternative and reached eyewear industry which has as of now has 100 year history.

Later many material makers, eyewear factories and lens makers gathered and became huge eyewear related town. True to reputation, Sabae city has high standard production, especially for its titanium process is known as highest technic in the world. Titanium known as a parts for high standard eyewear and at the same time known as difficult material for its processing for flame.

For better or worse, Japanese tend to buy items with its quality. In other words, if items have just high quality, people are willing to buy them.

Artisan pursued high technic and later connected Japan quality.

Factories in Sabae has two types.

One is the factory only accept OEM and another is the factory which has own brand and pursuing technic.

Mr.Gentleman Eyewear utilizing the later factory because they always use latest technic and can create finest products.

Mr.Gentleman Eyewear chose finest factory among them.

As Acetate material they chose MAZZUCCHELLI from Italy and Japan. MAZZUCCHELLI in Italy has fresh color taste and comfortability, however aging will produce shrinkage and deformation. MAZZUCCHELLI from Japan has a character which is hard to occur above weak points due to its good hardness. Since it doesn't have fresh color like Italy's one basically used to simple color. It has appropriate transparency.

As processing procedure, there are two polishing processes. At first, put into cut acetate and wood chips to drum formed machine and rotate them for a few days. This is called “Gara-dashi". At first big chips and them smaller chips and at lat put into more smaller chips.The type of wood chips are depending on the factories. Depending on how many hours used in this stage, the finish will change such as shining and quality. Compared with factories in overseas, factories in Japan spend twice time on this stage.Another processing is polishing. This will be performed at last stage and mud and wax is used to products to polish on the high rotating table. same as previous processing ,factories in Japan spend much longer time compared with other countries. Mr.Gentleman Eyewear also spends much time at this stage. The reason why there is shiny skin on the products is coming from this. Even after using times, it will be hard to go away.

The flame of Mr.Gentleman Eyewear securely capture the skeletal structure and designed to lighten tiredness even long time wearing.

The point they strongly focused is the form of the temple.There is a hollow inside of the temple, this is because to have temple had flexibility.

And the edge has proper thickness and this will help to securely fix.

Normal eyewear has flat thickness on that part because they process using 2D. However. Mr.Gentleman Eyewear chose 3D to design. They adjust depending on the material and the thickness to provide finest comfortability.

Mr.Gentleman Eyewear of course is persistent about their design and more so about the quality for durability and long-lasting reputation. They will continue making the finest quality eyewear without consideration for cost or time.

And that's Mr.Gentleman Eyewear Philosophy...





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