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Many eyewear brands like to emphasize their close relationship to art. But hardly any brand creates a symbiosis between art and eyewear like Swiss-based label MASSADA. For creative director Kate Lupinsky and her business partner Chris Mastaler, art is like the air they breathe. Where does art end and eyewear design begin? For the official Art Eyewear Brand, there are no delineated boundaries. This also becomes apparent in our interview: The two are like walking encyclopedia of art and cultural history and will seamlessly switch between geometrically inspired eyewear frames to the spatial concepts proposed by philosopher Gernot Böhme to hand-picked eyewear manufacturing workshops. Welcome to MASSADA’s intellectual universe

Let's discover the 21 reasons why we love MASSADA

Reason number 1 - Design in the House.

Massada constantly challenges the convention of eyewear standard paths of design. Ingenuity is result of passion in structural innovations. At the heart lies deep-rooted conceptual analysis. Inspirations are based in natural science, mathematics, geometry and come as well from personal emotions, experiences, studies and perceived aesthetics impulses.

Inspirations are turned into the imaginative sketches processed over and over again, changing and forming. All pieces have direct links to works of art. They are evaluated, discussed and developed. Countless number of the ideas are dropped and only few survive when finally mastered. It takes massive amount of time and effort to arrive with presentable design ready for final development.

Massada beauty objects are sophisticated in their integrity. Iconic look comes from its simplicity. Eyewear frame is a sculpture.

Source: SPECTR Magazine,





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