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Introducing: Kawasaki eyewear

If you've grown tired of heavy frames weighing on your face and leaving marks on your nose, believe us, we've been there. For something fresh and light for spring, check out our newest arrival: Kawasaki eyewear. With frames featuring a wide variety of styles and colors set in lightweight yet durable beta titanium, they're the perfect accessory for the upcoming warmer months.

Known for his award winning industrial design, Kawasaki has approached his signature collection of eyewear with an artist's mind for creative design as well as a mathematician's mind for precision. What really sets his designs apart is their distinctive three-point tension mounted frames, which eliminate the need for screws and create a seamless and self-supporting piece.

three-point tension mount

Kawasaki's unique three-point tension mounted frame design

The frame styles are organized neatly into 3 categories:

1. Rim

2. Rimless

3. Sun

Kawasaki eyewear also features several customization options, including lens grooving, faceted edges, and even 18K gold if you're feeling a little extra.

One of the most fun ways to customize your frames is their range of removable K-Klips, which can snap on to any of your frames and instantly give you a pop of color or a little extra sun protection when the occasion arises. Here are some of our favorite color options:

Kawasaki frames are constructed of the leading material in modern frame design, Beta-titanium. Durable yet lightweight, beta titanium is the ideal counterpart to the sophisticated design philosophy of Kawasaki.

Kawasaki eyewear is now available exclusively at our 291 Bedford Ave. store. Visit us and see for yourself what the buzz is all about!





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