SHINE OPTIQUE is an all new take on eyewear shopping from the founder of Luxeye Optical that allows you to fully experience the uniqueness of each brand, because we showcase their COMPLETE COLLECTION! We have carefully curated selective brands that are new to the marketplace, offering stylish and high quality eyewear at the most accessible price point possible. Since we are showing complete collections of some of the most stylish brands in the world, you will have so many more choices of frames in comparison to the traditional retail optical.

Another unique aspect about SHINE Opitque is that it is an Eyewear Boutique + Showroom where we combines both retail AND wholesale together in one place. So basically, we are skipping distributors and cutting out the middle man to bring you the best prices on frames, without sacrificing on style and quality! Frame buyers can also come to our Showroom to really experience the brand in the retail setting and get to know the brands before to decide to invest in it for their stores.

SHINE Optique is the new way to shop eyewear.

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