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Introducing: Boston Club Eyewear

If you've been keeping up with our recent posts, you may have seen that we've been pretty excited about the new Japanese eyewear brands we've been getting in here at Luxeye. There's just something refreshing about eyewear from across the seas, and it's certainly exciting to see how different styles manifest as they flow around the world. This brings us to our newest Japanese brand that we're proud to introduce: Boston Club.

Boston Club CO LTD established their eyewear company of the same name back in 1984 in Sabae, Japan, and have since gained quite a bit of popularity in their home country. Since the brand's inception they have maintained their core style, while constantly redesigning to maintain a contemporary edge.

Over their 30 years of business, they have narrowed down their style to 3 basic categories: casual and classic metal frames with engraving, acetate insert frames, and flip-up frames. Each style has its own personality, appealing to a wide array of looks.

Luxeye Optical's founder, Jenny, is a passionate eyewear lover, When she's not checking her 50 different email accounts or playing with her 5-year-old toddler boy, she hunts around for interesting eyewear around the world! That's why you can always find something new and fresh at either one of our three locations.

Boston Club is available exclusively at our Mahattan store - 147 3rd Ave. (15th Street), NYC. See some of our favorite shapes now:

Boston Club





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