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Back to the FUTURE: Thierry Lasry

Our newest brands here at Luxeye come all the way from the French design house of Thierry Lasry; an eyewear brand that has become known for striking avant gard designs and trailblazing colors. Raised by an optician father and designer mother, it's no surprise that Thierry Lasry went on launch his futuristic-vintage inspired line of sunglasses in late 2006.

Lasry began his career taking over his father's brand Harry Lary's in 2002, before later going on to launch his eponymous brand Thierry Lasry on his own. Entirely hand-made in France with the best craftsmanship techniques since the beginning, the frames of both Harry Lary's and Thierry Lasry only use acetate from the reputable Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli.

With “back-to-the-future” as a motto, the designer looks back to vintage images and materials to create new shapes whose purity of lines carry a refined and contemporary edge. The brand’s logo is hidden from the eye, discreetly engraved inside the temples. Lasry considers each pair of frames he designs to be one of his babies, and this kind of passion is sure to leave you with a new pair of frames that you will LOVE just the same.

Shop THIERRY LASRY at our 147 3RD AVE. location:

and shop HARRY LARY'S at our 291 Bedford Ave. location!





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