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Kaneko Optical: New Store New Brands

As you may have heard, Luxeye is expanding our business to New York's historic Chinatown. We're so excited to fill our new store with fresh new brands, in addition to your favorites from our current 3 branches.

For classic designs with beautifully intricate details, a great new brand to watch out for is Kaneko Optical; a Japanese eyewear brand that offers a new perspective on design and lifestyle through gorgeous frames.

What really sold us on Kaneko was not only their handsome and classic designs, but also their small detail work that isn't always visible, but makes all the difference. We fell in love with their hidden touches that bring so much personality to the frames.

Check out this beautiful engraving along the bridge and rim, giving a subtle ornate edge to a classic shape.

And these hidden characters on the nose pads; a subtle touch that's for your eyes only.

Details like these are what give your frames personality and set them apart from the crowd, making them feel like they're special just for you.

Stay tuned for more details on our grand opening in Chinatown this November, and be sure to keep an eye out for Kaneko and other great new brands from around the world.






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